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Five Reasons to Chose Ambit Energy

Does Your Current Energy Supplier Do THIS for YOU?

At Ambit Energy we pride ourselves on our ability to save you money on your energy bills. If we can, and we are quite certain we can, we show you how and help you make the switch. If we can't, we are happy to show you why and walk away. It is important that we remain friends in the process. Does your current energy supplier do this for you?
Just for switching your electric or natural gas supply to Ambit Energy, we send you a welcome gift for a two-night stay at one of over 30 North American resort or hotel properties. Does your current energy supplier do this for you?
Our appreciation does not stop with our welcome gift. No, each time you turn on your lights or cook or heat with gas, you earn bonus travel reward points which may be used to book some fabulous vacations. Does your current energy supplier do this for you?
As an Ambit Energy customer you may want to take advantage of our free energy supply program. Just refer a handful of friends, relatives or neighbors to Ambit Energy and when they become qualified customers you earn credits that translates into a virtually free energy supply for your household. Does your current energy supplier do this for you?
Finally, you may choose to become an Ambit Energy independent marketing consultant, just as I did, and begin to earn a life-changing residual income just for helping a few other people to save on their energy bills who, in turn, help a few others do the same thing. Does your current energy supplier do this for you?

Look, if you answered NO to any one of the questions above, we should talk about how we can save you money, help you earn travel bonus rewards, earn a free energy supply or transition into an exciting and profitable Ambit Energy career. Just fill out the form on the right side of this page and we'll be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss any or all of the possibilities Ambit Energy has to offer you.

Easy to Switch

Switching to Ambit Energy not only saved on our utility bills, the switch took only about five-minutes to do. Now, instead of paying nearly 10¢ for each kWh, we pay only around 5¢. Wow! I now recommend Ambit to my friends and family and I will earn free energy in the next month or so.

Sarah, Gilberts, IL

I Decided to Join Ambit's Team

I made the switch to Ambit Energy to save money. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I didn't want to work forever at my job. I decided to join the Ambit Team as a marketing consultant and now I think I'll be ready to quit my other job in the next 2 years maybe sooner.

Richard, Carpentersville, IL

There Is a Cost to Not Acting...

Look, we know you are skeptical. Sure you've heard it all before. Saving money, rich rewards and even earning a spectacular residual income. You've even tried a multi-level marketing company in the past with little or no success. Before joining Ambit Energy we had the same misgivings. Then we took the time to analyze the big picture. At the very least, we would save a bundle on our electric and gas bills each and every month. If that weren't enough, we would also rack up bonus points leading to some fantastic vacations we would otherwise not ever take. Then there was the idea of FREE energy supply, something that would really reduce our utility bills. All that and we didn't even have to buy into the Ambit Marketing program. We decided, however, that the small investment it takes to become an Ambit Energy Independent Marketing Consultant seemed miniscule compared to the potential income gains and we decided to take the plunge. To tell the truth, it has worked out well for us, so much so that we wish we had joined a lot earlier than we did. We are confident it will be the same for you, especially considering the support you get from our extraordinary team. It costs nothing to listen but there is a significant cost for not listening. Go ahead, start the ball rolling and fill out the form on the right and we can begin a conversation that just may change your life forever no matter what level of engagement you choose that is best for you and your family.

Let's begin the journey together,

Just say the word and we'll give you a FREE five-minute energy evaluation to see if we can save you money on your energy bills. If we can we'll help you switch and if we can't we'll tell you and walk away still friends...No pressure, no hype, not ever. That's how sure we are that switching to Ambit Energy will be a sound choice for you and your family.

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